Not a Plugin

SSV General is not a stand alone plugin. It is an overhead shared in all SSV plugins and the MP-SSV theme (loaded only once) that provides all plugins with the same base classes and features.

An example of one of these features are the custom fields. These are rather complex and feature some handy functions. But more importantly are the settings: Some settings should be set for all plugins (like what the role is for the board members) and therefore would be impractical if declared in all the different SSV plugins.


This is a sub-plugin and is automaticly included in all the SSV plugins (and in the MP-SSV theme).


It is highly recommended to also install the following plugins:


Members is a plugin recommended by WordPress to manage user permission and user roles.

Nav Menu Roles

Nav Menu Roles is a plugin that allows you to specify which menu items are visible.

You can specify based on if a user is logged in or not and if you specify that it can only be viewed if the user is logged in, you can specify the role(s) that user needs to view it.

Custom Field Fields

There are a couple of places where you can use Custom Fields (member registration/profile for example). These fields have a couple of properties that always need to be set and a couple that are more for advanced users.

With the Custom Field Fields setting you can toggle which of these properties you want to view in the editor.